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"Weeks of data entry per year are saved and the program has improved our quality system to ensure that all actions are evaluated. It has made such a positive difference to Pittsworth Hospital and Aged Care Facility. Congratulations to the Improve.IT team for your product and support. We have no hesitation in recommending it to any organisation needing to get through accreditation."

Sue Holley
Safety / Quality Coordinator
Pittsworth Hospital, PITTSWORTH, Queensland


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PDCA Deming Cycle, Plan Do Check Act

Event Scheduler, Training Scheduler

Customer Feedback, Compliments, Complaints, Comments

Incidents, Accidents, Hazards

Risk Management, Risk Analysis, Risk Assessment, Residual Risk

Strategic Planning and Management

Audit Management

Quality Improvement Management

Continuous Quality Improvement Register for Issues, Tasks, Projects

Understanding that continuous improvement is essential for any organisational growth, Improve.IT provides you with the tools to effectively record and manage the quality of your service and activities. We’ve incorporated throughout the software a Plan-Act-Check-Evaluate (PACE) approach that enables your team to keep ahead of incidents and risks while improving the quality of your service. With Improve.IT your team can implement effective quality systems with ease for risk management, performance management and compliance.

Our quality management feature in Improve.IT records quality improvements to keep track on how well your organisation is performing in comparison to the standards and goals that your organisation has set. Data can be monitored according to:

Users will have the ability to record external and internal audit reviews, inspections and survey recommendations. These are all critical components in understanding your service and how to continuously improve.

Improve.IT will also provide an avenue for your team to create business plans and strategic plans to improve your organisation. With the ability to create customized templates, your team can begin to create

Use the imputed data as evidence to adhere to and comply with a variety of accreditation standards and regulations. Improve.IT is adaptable to all standards existing in Australia and worldwide including:

After evaluating your organisation, you will be able to compare the accreditation standards to what is currently occurring in practice. Developing accreditation recommendations for improvement will become a natural step towards the betterment of your organisation.

Collating data overtime will provide your team with the ability to complete a root cause analysis, in which you can find the underlining causes or problems that hinder the growth of your organisation.

Improve.IT understands how important it is to maintain a high level of standards. Users will also receive alerts which highlight or draw attention to specific issues that have been unresolved. These are helpful to ensure that your team is able to address the critical issue immediately before breeching standards. Select and customize performance indicators according to your organisation’s needs such as risk alerts and unfinished matters.

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