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"The Improve.IT program is straight-forward and easy to use. It has enabled us to monitor our information efficiently, either on-site or off-site, and the best part is that data only has to be entered once, even though we have to meet two different accreditation standards and other regulatory reports."

Sue Holley
Safety / Quality Coordinator
Pittsworth Hospital, PITTSWORTH, Queensland


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PDCA Deming Cycle, Plan Do Check Act

Event Scheduler, Training Scheduler

Customer Feedback, Compliments, Complaints, Comments

Incidents, Accidents, Hazards

Risk Management, Risk Analysis, Risk Assessment, Residual Risk

Strategic Planning and Management

Audit Management


DIY Customisable Audit and Checklist Processor

Provides the ability to link audit results to Plans for Continuous Improvement and Self Assessment documents. Levels of performance are set by the organisation and the module builds on an organisation’s current audit structure. This module is not a suite of audit tools but it provides the capacity to manage all inventory and preventative maintenance programs using your own or someone elses definitions. 

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