Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been in business for?

Since 2002

What support does Improve.IT provide?

We provide unlimited technical support via our website, email, phone or SMS.

Will Improve.IT guarantee accreditation?

In a word, “No”.  No software can guarantee 100% success.


G.I.G.O. = Garbage in, garbage out.

Or to give a positive spin …  Good in, good out.

This applies to all software – word processors, spreadsheets, databases, finance packages, whatever! Any software package will only be as good as the information in it and that will always come back to the people who keyed it in and the people who approved it.

However, when you use Improve.IT, you will have a huge range of modules and features to assist with your regular work management requirements to help you check and double-check your information and most importantly, keep track of deadlines and responsibilities.

How much does Improve.IT cost?

We don’t provide an “off the shelf” price because no two businesses are alike. Therefore will we always discuss and analyse for your business needs to provide a comprehensive proposal. 

Improve.IT is subscription based on an annual licnence.

What about security?

There are four points to this answer:

  • Within Improve.IT: Logging in to Improve.IT is Company ID / User Name and password protected. Once successfully logged into the system, the user can only access information that they have permission to view. Improve.IT has sixteen distinct security levels linked from departmental access only up to full access over your entire organisation. These logins also control who is allowed to view, add, edit or delete your information.
  • Online Protection: Improve.IT uses 128 bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to encrypt the information passing between the browser and the server to stop hackers from accessing your data in transit.
  • Accessing Improve.IT: Subscribers must provide via three types of identification: company ID, username, and a password. Even most banks, if not all, only require a username and password but with Improve.IT, you need an ID too, so that makes us more secure.
  • Browser Security: Suppliers such as Google and Microsoft, provide free, regular updates and patches in response to user requests and security issues. Whichever browser you like, we recommend keeping up to date with the latest releases even if it’s only for peace of mind.
Where is the data stored?

We keep such specific information confidential however we can say we use a company that hosts some of the largest businesses in Australia. If you really want to know you would need to agree to our Terms and Conditions.

Is any other software needed?

No, you will not need any extra software to operate Improve.IT. It is a stand-alone product accessible via web-browser.

We recommend the latest version of either Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Opera, Brave, or Vivaldi. 

Please note Internet Explorer is no longer supported by Microsoft and therefore not recommended by us.

All reports may be exported to Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel and graphs may be exported as PDF or graphic files such as PNG or JGP.

Is there an easy way for clients to login?


Using Active Directory Single Sign-On.

Our single sign-on process allows Improve.IT to have a secure integration with your own network. This means your users can log into your network with their usual ID and password and then access Improve.IT via an intranet hyperlink you or your IT department can create. Password aging is also aligned.

This facility is available upon request at no cost to subscribers.

It is complicated to install?

There is no software installation required to use Improve.IT. You only need a device with Internet access. We do, however, recommend you keep your browser up-to-date with the latest security patches available free from software providers.

New users are provided with a blank Microsoft Excel template to fill in essential details about staff names, committee and project names then the Improve.IT staff will upload the information ready for your training sessions prior to daily use. 

What about backups?

Level 1 Protection:

Our hosting company performs weekly full backups and daily incremental backups. Weekly backups are kept for up to a month and monthly backups are kept for up to a year. This means they could provide a full database recovery from any day of the last week or any week of the last month or any month of the last year (once that many backups have been taken).

The backup service includes:

  • Initial and then a weekly full backup of data
  • Nightly incremental backups
  • Up to 30 days’ backups stored on nearline disk & mirrored to offsite tape
  • Up to 1 year’s monthly backups stored on offsite tapes
  • Managed Backup SLA

Level 2 Protection:

The Improve.IT office also makes weekly backups.

Level 3 Protection:

Every time a user prints a report another backup is created.

What are the technical specs?

The Improve.IT application is provided via the internet and the benefits to you are:

Access: You can access your data anywhere in the world where you can get internet access.

Updates: All product updates are simply uploaded from our programming PCs to our web servers which require no involvement or maintenance from you. Every time you log in you will always be using the latest version which of course frees your IT department completely.

Optimisation: In the early years of the internet, web pages were sent to the web browser for interpretation and generation which usually meant the browser itself was doing all the hard work and in the end, slowing down the user’s PC. The technology used by Improve.IT is the most efficient in that our servers do all the hard work and then send minimal information to your web browser thus providing fast and efficient user experience.

Optimum Data Storage: The Improve.IT data store happens within a dedicated instance Microsoft SQL Server 2017. This is Microsoft’s flagship data storage software and is used by organisations of all sizes including multinationals. 

You will be familiar with Microsoft Excel and maybe even Microsoft Access. Excel can function as a basic database of sorts but lacks serious reporting functionality whereas Access is designed to handle only a handful of simultaneous users. SQL Server is specifically designed to handle thousands of concurrent users, transactions and calculations. It is also very easy to perform administrative and maintenance tasks without affecting users. Your data is in safe hands with Improve.IT.

Web Pages: Web pages are constructed and programmed using:

  • Microsoft .NET technology
    • ASP.NET    
    • VB.NET
  • Java

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