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Trusted Since 2006

Improve.IT was developed to address the relentless demand for evidence in continuous improvement and the need to capture organisational knowledge.

It represents over 20 years of development and refinement by industry and IT leaders to produce an Australian product used by services from coast to coast. It was born out of a belief that there was ultimately a better way for organisations to capture, retain, and multiply the benefit of knowledge and information generated from the course of routine business operations yet requires no more than basic word processing skills.

Information can be submitted by any staff member and if required, vetted by managers thus allowing organisations to change the focus from spending many hours in collating data from a variety of sources, to one that allows many more hours supporting and encouraging the focus on improvement.

Our Vision & Values

  • To improve the world — one organisation at a time.
  • To empower our customers to maximise the efficiency of fully integrated knowledge management.

We will always strive to give the best and unmatched results for all round satisfaction.


We will always be open, honest and reliable in everything we do, achieving and maintaining the highest levels of professional service to all our stakeholders.


We will strive to give due respect to each client and to ourselves through:

      • Loyalty
      • Courtesy
      • Appreciation
      • Commitment
      • Recognition
      • Ownership
      • Consistency
      • Efficiency

We will promote teamwork within and outside the company to provide the best service and products.


We will promote teamwork within and outside the company to provide the best service and products.

Our Process


Identify the issue

Establish an Action Plan


Do the work


Ask yourself, “Did my hard work pay off?”


Consider the effectiveness of the long term results whether good or bad.

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