Adding Value To Information

Continuous Quality Improvement

Tools for you to record and track the quality of your service and activities against compliance and auditable framework.  

Risk Management

Our software makes it simple for organizations to deal with pending actions, complete urgent risk assessments, to gain a better awareness of possible risks and to ensure that your organization is within the standards and regulations.

Multiple Accreditation Frameworks

Tracks progress against one or more standards existing in Australia or worldwide including ACHS, NDIS, NQF, NMHS, ISO, ACQSC, and NSQHS.

Incident and Feedback Management

Dedicated modules for incident, accident, hazard, compliments and complaints recording and reporting.

Business and Strategic Planning

Plan and track business and strategic planning against KPIs and continuous improvement issues.

Training and Event Management

Setup training and development templates for multiple recurring or ad hoc events. Report on attendance or training requirements and credentialling.

Any Business. Any Quality Standards.

Adding Value To Information.

One System. Many Modules. Multiple Frameworks.

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Improve.IT – demonstrated and proven capacity to facilitate significant reductions in time and resources dedicated to quality improvement & accreditation.

Any industry interested in quality improvement

There are no limits. Every company and business needs to manage improvements starting from the suggestion box through to implementation and evaluation of the outcomes.

Aged Care: Residential & Community

Go beyond the basics and keep long-term history or improvements and evidence.

Improve.IT helps you achieve a cultural shift to one of regular self-assessment and continuous improvement.

When using Improve.IT, you can:

  • Link the self-assessment directly to the PCI or equivalent.

  • Print one outcome on its own or several together.

  • Automatically produce an evidence report for your application for accreditation.

  • Improve.IT reports are accepted by the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission.

  • It allows you to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of your service.

Acute Care: ACHS - EQuIP

Enjoy the full support of a comprehensive system to assist with all stages of the EQuIP cycle. Whether it’s a self-assessment, organisation-wide survey (OWS), periodic review (PR), Improve.IT is your ready assistant to demonstrate continuous improvement, evidence of outcomes, and a commitment to excellence.

Improve.IT enables Quality Managers to:

  • Guide organisational quality improvement to its systems, processes, people, and actions; and
  • Easily track and review key improvements, plans for improvement, projects, organisational changes, and outcomes and results against each criterion.
  • Verification of information throughout each stage of continuous quality improvement and for surveys.
  • Print Quality Action Plan directly for surveyors.
  • Save hundreds of hours and dollars and transfer data directly from Improve.IT to the ACHS Electronic Assessment Tool (EAT) for assessors.
  • Record and track recommendations from previous surveys.
Child Care: NQF

Directors and educators need an efficient and effective system that complements current activities so the approval process gives you more time to provide the best service for the children in your care.

Turn reflection in strategies in each of the seven quality areas, 18 standards, and 58 elements.

Mandatory fields within the PDCA cycle helps to ensure your service is improvement driven. At the touch of a button, you can highlight areas of good performance and show improvements in progress.

Easy reporting facilitates self-study and continuous improvement to prepare your QIP.

Our instant archival system means your service can have a long-standing history of assessment, compliance, and evidence used for ratings.

Day Surgeries, Clinics, Dental Practices: NSQHS

Hospitals, day surgeries, dental services: commence and maintain your continuous quality improvement cycle for self-assessment and best practice.

Patients and carers, clinical and non-clinical workforce, health service managers, executive, and managers can all contribute information into Improve.IT and benefit from the reporting analysis.

Now is the time to prepare for assessment and accreditation. Don’t leave it until the last minute. Improve.IT is specifically designed to assist quality managers or even those thrust into the role.


Welcome to P.A.C.E.   We’ve incorporated throughout the software a Plan-Act-Check-Evaluate approach that enables your team to keep ahead of incidents and risks while improving the quality of your service. 

Event Scheduling for learning & development or lifestyle activities

This module will help you:

  • Track all events and bookings that occur in your organisation:
    • Education Events
    • Contract Reviews
    • Supplier Agreements
    • Performance Appraisals
    • Lifestyle Events
    • Resident Activities
    • Social Events
  • Record attendees at each event
  • Link each event booking to existing improvement issue(s) as required
  • Record all event feedback and evaluations about each event
  • Reports on events, bookings, and attendees
  • Report on personnel who have not attended any events or are due to attend events
Feedback – Complaints and Compliments
  • Understand your consumers and stake-holders
  • Record evidence as a basis for continuous quality improvement
  • Receive effective alerts to help reduce any negative impact on your organisation’s reputation and growth
  • Track resolutions and outcomes
Incident, Accident, Hazard Management

Record safety and risk-related incidences for your organisation to help prevent repeat occurrences.

By removing complex and long forms and providing a user-friendly navigation system, Improve.IT enables organisations to take quicker action to report and analyse incidents.

Create incident alerts to draw attention to urgent matters and incidences such as:

  • Employee injuries in the workforce and workplace
  • Any workplace safety hazards
  • Standards for health and safety
  • Malfunction of equipment and service facilities
  • Liability at events and activities
Risk Management: Initial, Progressive and Residual Assessment

Proactive risk management requires detailed and organised documentation and to put in practice health and safety are key priorities. With the comprehensive risk register feature in Improve.IT, organisations will be able to find and respond to risks quickly and prevent any risks turning into huge problems. Being able to foresee a problem can be an advantage for your organisation as it will eliminate problems arising and reduce costs for investigation and incident management.

The purpose of having a risk register is to safeguard your organisation of potential hazards. In order to achieve an organisation’s objectives and maintain a high level of standards, this feature adheres to the Australia-New Zealand Standard for Risk Management AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009.

Strategic and Business Planning: Measurable Outcomes

Enables organisations to key in and record progressive Strategic Plans and track and report on individual continuous improvement issues against each component of the plan. The ability to track and report on Performance Indicators is also provided.

Business Support Services: Training, Development, Documentation

It’s always best to work with the people you know. Improve.IT is passionate about software and helping you improve your business. Ask us about:   

  • Help Desk Outsourcing
  • Documentation and Technical Writing
  • MS Access Databases
  • Web Design and Development
  • Software Training


Access Anywhere, Anytime
  • Multi-User: Provide access to any staff. Access granted only with your approval.
  • Multi-Location: Access from any computer with an Internet connection and a web browser. No need for expensive machines, internal networks, file sharing setup, and multiple files.
  • Multi-Platform: Operating system independent: works on Windows, Mac, Linux, tablet, or mobile.
  • Multi-Browser: Works on all major web browsers. 
Get Back Your Time
  • No Installation: Use your web browser to access Improve.IT. There is no installation program and no downloads.
  • More secure than many bank web-sites: Most banks require only two forms of ID to log in – we use three. Most banks never require you to change your password – we do – every 31 days.
  • Minimal or No Training: If you can use on-line banking, you’ll find Improve.IT very easy. We use plain instructions on easy to read screens to make the Improve.IT on-line experience jargon-free, user-friendly and easy to negotiate.
  • Auto-Backups: Daily backups stored securely in fire-protected premises. You will have no more worrying about backup disks or hard-drive failures.
  • Auto-Upgrades: Upgrades are provided regularly. There is no downloading of updates, no more filing of discs, no more software conflicts – it all happens seamlessly, behind the scenes!
For Busy People Doing Demanding Work
  • Proactive Continuous Improvement Management: You will be in control of your organisation’s information and knowledge by providing a common sense and disciplined approach to change and improvement. Assists you to accelerate improvement more readily rather than replace change models you may be already be using and in doing so, assists your best intentions and goodwill to get the job done.
  • Uses Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) approach: When change can seem overwhelming, you can create a model for testing ideas that you think may create an improvement.
  • Provides Internal and External Review Mechanism: There are built-in evaluation indicator mechanisms and direct support for accreditation agency requirements and direct and dynamic measurements to monitor the effect of changes over time.
  • Staff Support: Your staff members will gain a practical understanding of quality as Improve.IT guides them through the PDCA process.
  • Plan and Prepare in Advance: Collect and record information and evidence daily rather than at the last minute.
  • Best outcomes: Allows you to “sell yourself” during reviews and audits.
  • Provides organisational memory: When a staff member leaves or they are on leave, you will still have a permanent record of their input and contribution.
  • Monitor your business: Even if you don’t do your own data-entry, you can review, query and advise staff of corrections. Operate in real time with your colleagues – no more delays in getting your quality evidence.


What People Are Saying

Improve.IT ensures the cycle of Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) is followed and provides an excellent tracking system over all the standards.

Suzi Johnson

Sarina Aged Residential Inc. Sarina, Queensland

LCC has been using Improve.IT since June 2006. We have been very happy with all aspects of our use of it. Being web based it is very easy to deploy and requires very little technical support. It is easy to use and has provided us with the tools to log, track and report our continuous quality improvement initiatives. We have found Improve.IT staff supportive and responsive to our needs.

Kylie Congram

Director Care Directions & Continuous Improvement

There is no doubt in my mind that this is the best CQI electronic tool that has been produced to date. After days and years of manually writing self assessments from hard copy minutes this is a very welcome change. I am sure any auditor would be impressed with this system and have no doubts that the service is meeting the standards they say they are.

Bernice Wareham

Commonwealth Carer Respite and Carelink Centre Darling Downs and South West, Blue Care – South West Queensland

We just love Improve.IT. It’s just so easy to find things, nothing is ever lost, it’s all there. It has made such a major difference to our ability to demonstrate and track improve issues when undertaking Residential Aged Care and Community Care accreditation processes because we only have to type things in once and can instantly produce reports for an agency. It’s great and we couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

Jill Taylor


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